The Pineal Ventana Discography

This is the list of all Pineal Ventana releases known to me. If you have any additions just drop me an e-mail. Click on the cover to view pictures, song lists, and other info relating to that particular recording.

Find Out About the new compilation from Scuss Media, Our Heat (Your Moisture)

SOUND SAMPLES ARE HERE. There are five RealAudio samples from the latest album Breathe As You Might.


7" and 12" Records

Stagnancy Is Revolting 7"(self release) December 1993

Philosopher's Stone 7" (Half-Baked Records) September 1994

Let Them Fuck 12" (Scuss) 1996

Full-Length Releases (i.e.CDs)

Living Soil (Half-Baked Records) March 1995

Breathe As You Might
Breathe As You Might(Altered Records) August 1997 NOW WITH SOUND SAMPLES!

Compilations, etc.

Quadruple Felony (4 song 7" with Bob, Tweezer, and Suzy-Beat) (Half-Baked Records and Spitting Records)

Bright Lights Cover
The Bright Lights Cassette (Cassette), 1995 (Collossal Records)

Alleviation (CD) (Silber Records) 1996

88.5 Comp.
Radio Oddyssey.2 (CD WRAS Compilation) (Altered Records) 1997

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