7" Compilation Half-Baked Records and Spitting Records


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Song Listing:
Side A:
Suzybeat-31 chain caboose
Sibe B:
Pineal Ventana-alimentary school
Tweezer-pie hole

Other Info:
Recorded at CEVA
Thanks to Carrie and Taylor Knotts the singing schoolgirls

Criminal Records (Atlanta Record Shop)
URL= http://www.criminal.com/halfbaked/ Quadruple Felony
HBR09 7" ep
with Atlanta bands BOB, Tweezer, Pineal Ventana, and Suzybeat
"Four Atlanta bands give us hope in the noxious state that gave us that evil piece of white shit known as Newt Gingrichvitis and the 1996 Olympics. BOB provide their usual idiosyncratic rock; Suzybeat provide a Deadguy-styleform of hate rock(y'know - the Napalm Death/Swans hybrid type); Pineal Ventana offer a nursery rhyme-on-LSD and Tweezer provide the missing link between Six Finger Satellite's rigidity and Deadguy's primal scream." - Chairs Missing

Pictures from the 7"

Back Cover

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