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Song Listing:
Indica 4:36
Uzi Does It 2:00
Big Dick Roast :57
Colon Caddy 2:40
T.L.T. 2:37
Abre la Ventana 6:19
Every Beast 4:17
Ode to Tesuo 4:01
Descending Reminder 1:31
Do It 2:27
Mark Of Zero 3:56
Coming On 7:43
The Negate of Want 4:04
(Extra Track)

Other Info:
Recorded and mixed at Micro Grooves Studio in March 1995 by Warren Albea and Steve Askew
Tracks 5,12 & 14 recorded improvisationally in our practice space by Warren Albea. Danny Zook helped make noise with his reel to reel and effects
Master at Grinnin Studios by Chris Griffin.

Kim Chee-guitar,drums
Shane Pringle-saxophone
Travis Kotler-guitar
Brian Cook-bass
Clara Clamp-vocals,drums
Mitchell Foy-drums,metal percussion,turn table, vocals
Jim Moran-visuals at our live shows

Criminal Records (Atlanta Record Shop) {follow the link and download a song sample}
"One of the most original bands to originate from Atlanta, GA in the past few years, Pineal Ventana brings forth a stellar recording that transcends their raw raucous live show and previous seven inches with talented dark and moody compositions of male and female vocals, multi-layered guitars, saxophone, and highly creative drum sounds." - Ink 19
"For the CD Living Soil, all the weird sonic dynamics of the band's live Performances were apparently bound in black leather, dragged to a smoky basement, and burned into plastic under white hot laserlight. Spin the resulting disc and you unleash feedback howling like sinners in torment across songs which at once as arresting as a discretely bared breast, yet as threatening as a shared needle. Merciless industrial noise and eerie tape loops distinguish tracks like `Abre la Ventana,' but the choice cuts - such as `Uzi does it' - feature vocalist Clara Clamp's icy Siouxsie-ish wail. The relentless percussion on `Mark of Zero' evokes the maddening effect of Poe's telltale heart, and `Ode to Tetsuo' showcases a fretboard workout during which the guitarist's fingers must have fused with the metal strings, like the steel organs of the oriental horrorshow to which the song refers." - Creative Loafing
"Pop this noise-drone outfit's new Half Baked release, `Living Soil,' into your CD player and watch your wall paper curl, your pet writhe, and your neighbors fume. Hey it beats ER reruns!" - AJC
One of the plots to get our yuppie neighbor to move out of our quadplex was to play this CD every morning until he couldn't stand to live here anymore. - It worked!
Download Pineal Ventana's "Big Dick" (680k .aiff= 1 minute/audio)

Gajoob Review
Pineal Ventana Living Soil
REVIEW: A wild, maddening sonic stew of tribal beats and chants combined with guitar, bass and horns doing something that sounds truly unique to my ears. Influences might be Talking Heads, B-52's, Siouxie & the Banshees and others. If you like those bands you'll certainly go for Pineal Ventana, but there's much more here to recommend that is full of sonic exploration and invention. ARTIST COMMENTARY: You may add your own comments to our published review at any time. [MEDIA: CD. PRICE: price info not supplied. TRADE: No. CONTACT: Amy Potter, Half Baked Records, PO Box 347148, Atlanta, GA 30334, USA; PHONE: ---; FAX: ---; EMAIL:; URL:] --Received on 10/15/95. Reviewed by Bryan Baker 11/25/95.

Pictures from the CD


Colon Caddy Mark Of Zero

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