7" Half-Baked Records September 1994


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Song Listing:
(Side A)

(Side B)

Other Info:
Recorder 9/94 at CEVA Studios in Norcross, GA
Cheese Of The Month CLub recorded live at The Point, Atlanta
Golden Return recorded on 4 track by us

Brian Cook-bass
Travis-bass and insta piano
Kim Chee-guitar and percussion
Mitchell F.-percussion and turn table
Clara Clamp-vocals

Criminal Records (Atlanta Record Shop)
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HBR08 7"ep
Philosopher's Stone
The second single from this troop is even crazier than the first. Everyone likes to point out that the poster included in this 7" is a distorted picture of Clara, the band's vocalist and diva, (taken at one of their show's at Dottie's) rolling in a pile of flour after drummer Mitchell Foy had urinated all over her. PV's obsession with the bodily functions has critics defining their sound as Freudian rock. This bands charm is their weirdness which has everyone talkin' - Check out the wall in the men's room at the Midtown Music Mall - it's a tribute to all the play on words you can make with PV's name - Peel a Banana, Penis Vagina, Pablo Santana, etc. "Wow they fit 5 songs on this one. Some of the songs on this are close to melodic, but it is mainly pretty noisy. I guess a lot of people would call them punk, but they don't really easily fit into a category. They've been compared to Bikini Kill, Pv's a lot more interesting. This 7" came with a poster and hand made material sleeve." - QRD

Pictures from the 7":

Poster (live photo of Clara by Spider., photo of bone sculpture by Jeff Weese, and poster layout by Michael Weil)

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