CD Silber Records 1996

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Song Listing:
Dust - Approach
ISBH - Colour Day
My Glass Beside Yours - I'll Let You Go Through It Once
The Unquiet Void - What Is Gone Is Gone
Trance To The Sun - Envisage
Falling Janus - Descend
An April March - Avibdake
Faith And Disease - Crown Of Sorrow (live)
Morphine Angel with Ashkelon - Dag
burMonter - Thirteen Layers Of Heaven
Snowblind - This Brilliant Nightmare
Peter Aldrich - Floaters (the spiders in my eye)
Pineal Ventana - Mended
Tubalcain - Carbon Black
17 Larva - Miracle Of The Sun
dA Sebasstian - Tine
Attrition - Keepsakes And Reflections...
Engram - What Am I?

Other Info:
Brian John Mitchell

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